this is how i would want my wikipedia article to end

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I hope Miss Claudette is okay.

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Is your brother named Melissa in this picture?

Marissa, actually. Remind me tomorrow and I will tell you that super-weird story. It’s hard as hell to put it into words without using anyone’s last name.

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Mom found this during the move; I drew it nineteen years ago, when she was pregnant with Mac. It was part of some mother/child bonding thing the hospital offered to help older siblings deal with another baby in the picture.

One day, when I have insurance, I am going to point out my dad’s huge frown and angry clenched fists to a therapist. Six-year-old me knew what was up.

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Oh my god. 



Hi guys!  I don’t make personal posts often, but my very dear friend Lyssa is entered in a hair styling contest and it would be amazing if you guys could click this link to check out her entry and “like” it.  Her color work is amazing and she has gotten a lot of acclaim for it both professionally and on tumblr.  I personally think she’s extremely talented and deserves to win, so please check out her entry and if you think so too give it a “like”!

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